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Hotger is a fully integrated IT company that creates quality products throughout every step of the way. International markets have been our sole focus since 2005.
About Hotger
Our team consists of 30 qualified and highly motivated employees with 13 years of experience. We use the latest and most advanced tech and we try to be quick and effective in delivering products to our clients. Our web, mobile, Desktop and AR products are translated into 20 languages and are used all over Russia, Europe, and the USA.
Mutual support and team spirit
We always share our collective experience with new team members and we are always ready to help each other.
Our company supports and pays for various seminars and professional development courses and provides free English language lessons in the office.
Constant development
We keep up with the times and we follow the Agile methodology when it comes to development. We provide our employees with all the software and gadgets they need.
Comfort and care
We own a 300 sq. meters open space office in the downtown area. Our office maintains allergen-free air, we provide our employees with snacks and lunches.
Democratic nature in everything
We prefer an informal working atmosphere, we talk with everyone on a first-name-basis and we don't follow a strict dress code.
Our projects
We are developing some of the best media services in the world, as well as applications with augmented and virtual reality. We only work on those projects that we like and which comply with our principles. We are best able to come up with ideas ourselves and to translate these ideas into products that are useful to a large number of people.
CMS for managing media content of an international non-profit organization
The service for the distribution, storage and management of content provides live broadcasts with the possibility of relaying on Facebook and YouTube, allows you to download pdf, audio, video. Personal account users can quickly create their own iOS and Android applications. On our services 110 TB of custom media, there are 5 TB live broadcasts per month and 9,000 live broadcasts every Sunday, and the total duration of the content: 12 years of video and 79 years of audio. There are a total of 100,000 iOS and Android users on
Project Challenges
Provide a simple and at the same time multi-functional tool for managing media content for pastors, taking into account their specific activities.

Provide a convenient adaptive platform for the parishioners, where they can view saved media and live broadcasts, chat and receive notifications about new events, while always being in touch.

Use modern technology and keep up with such a traditional institution as the church.
Components of the project
Content management system, storage and media conversion for registered users.

Multifunctional player for easy viewing of live broadcasts, as well as video and audio recordings. Navigation through playlists, sorting, searching, built-in custom modules and widgets.

iOS and Android applications

CRM-system of customer relationship management.
Technology stack
Wowza Live Streaming, AWS, Zend Framework, Sass, postcss, es6, npm, webpack, babel, VueJS, Docker, NodeJS, jQuery, Backbone, grunt, gulp, vagrant.
Applications for converting media files with a high-load server
Applications for viewing, converting and editing media files in audio and video formats for various operating systems. Our applications are used by 4M people per day and we process about 800 requests per second with the minimum possible failures.
Project Challenges
Maintenance and development of a powerful and convenient application for converting video into a wide range of formats.

Ensuring the fault tolerance of the server under high load.

The use of modern technology to continuously improve the quality of the product.
Components of the project
API service designed for high loads.

Own distribution system and management of advertising displays, ensuring uninterrupted operation and statistics for thousands of ad impressions per minute.
Technology stack
Symfony Framework, NodeJS, Python, С#, .NET, UWP.
Augmented reality solutions for jewelry business and beauty industry
The project specializes in fitting jewelry, watches and manicures based on augmented reality technology. 51% of buyers pre-examine the product on the website or in the application, and only then makes a purchase. Therefore, we decided to further simplify the task for customers and brands. The Hotger team has created applications with which you can try on your favorite product or manicure in the application.
Project Challenges is a new approach to online sales and business. The goal of the project is to make the purchase of luxury goods less risky by allowing customers the possibility of pre-fitting the product using our application. The challenge is to make the display of the product in the application as realistic as possible. Also, the task is to introduce new technologies in the real world through the development of a special rack for fitting in shopping centers.
Components of the project
Mobile iOS apps for nails and jewelry industry.

Rack to work with our applications in shopping centers and stores.
Technology stack
Objective-C, C++, OpenCV, Java.
Job vacancies
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