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Hotger launches Internet projects for English-speaking users. The company was founded in 2004.
Our team includes top developers, marketing gurus and seasoned managers.

Hotger team develops new technologies for online-media and e‑learning.
Our clients get the best solutions. And if there are no best solutions, we create them.
We work hard, launch ready-to-go products and enjoy the process.

Image Recognition and AR tech

Our team have developed a unique proprietary algorithm that scans the image and augments it with additional effects or items. We specialize in hand recognition and offer solutions for jewelry (rings, bracelets, watches) and beauty (nail polishes/design) The library has been integrated into mobile apps:

The technology can be implemented in white-label apps as well. Brands are encouraged to order a customized app or connect to our marketplaces.

  • Nailsmania

    Nailsmania — an iPhone app for nail polish and design try-on

  • Shop 4 Rings

    Shop 4 Rings — fast fashion jewelry marketplace with AR try-on experience

  • Say Yes!

    Say Yes! — a marketplace for engagement rings and wedding bands

The shortest
way to God

Sermon.net is one of the biggest religious online communities. The service allows to watch sermons online both live and from the site archive.

We started developing it in 2006 and now Sermon.net has become one of the largest religious media ever created. It’s Bible and YouTube for the price of one.

  • More than 1 400 000 users visit the site monthly

  • Over 17 000 churches worldwide have been registered

  • The archive contains
    over 600 000 sermons

  • The total length of video is 6 years, making it the largest sermon archive on the Web


Web & mobile ad inventory

We are an international advertising network monetising entertainment websites, mobile sites and apps which are visited by millions of people monthly.

Major global music and video vendors have signed contracts with us.

The site traffic and installs are monetized in a variety of ways. Our ad inventory ranges from regular banners to mobile instertitials and special projects.

  • 10.000.000
    impressions for desktop sites
  • 1.500.000
    impressions for mobile sites

А smart way
to learn English

Britanium is a cutting-edge e-learning platform focused on English language teaching to Russian speakers.

We launched in October 2013 and have 22k learners now.

  • 4000 words and phrases
    with pronunciation

  • 15 various training exercises with listening tasks

  • Unique system of learning courses designed by experienced tutors

  • Over 400 media materials with translations made by experts


The best companies of the planet work with us. Join us, we will provide an excellent service.


We are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers that have banded together to create something useful.


We are located in the heart of snowy Rostov at the highest point of the city. Cookies, drinks and fun is provided.

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